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Veterans Home

VA Overview

FRS Custom Solutions Gives Veterans a Voice and Their Independence with AAC Devices and ECU Systems


The cutting edge technology of the Assistive Augmentative Communication devices available from FRS allow disabled veterans to communicate their desires, join in conversations and control the simple everyday devices necessary to provide enjoyment and comfort. Thanks to FRS, families no longer wonder what their loved one is thinking.


FRS Custom Solutions is a Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) accredited company with a long standing history of working closely with veterans, families of veterans, and the medical staff at VA hospitals. FRS is a VA-approved vendor and the only company in the industry currently able to provide all of the unique solutions required to meet the challenging and progressive needs of veterans with disabilities.


How Veterans Benefit from Working with FRS

From initial inquires through installation and on-going assistance, FRS works closely with veterans and their families to ensure they have the tools and service necessary to meet their unique needs.  Our compassion and experience make us the best partners to work with veterans.


We offer:


Environmental Control Units (ECU):Our state-of-the-art ECU units allow disabled veterans to control devices around their home, such as their bed, television and fan.


Communication Solutions (AAC):We offer a wide range of communication devices from the ComLink LT3G Enable Eyes, to the SoundPo(which works with an iPod to allow for voice communication and Internet access.)


Computer Access: Our AAC devices allow disabled veterans to access their email and connect with the Internet with Wi-Fi access.


Custom Installations: Our professional and highly skilled technicians make sure each device is installed correctly and that the user is trained in the proper use.


Veterans Have a Choice with FRS



We offer more choices of AAC and ECU devices than any other VA’s vendor. Our product line includes a multitude of options with access methods for all levels of disabilities. Our sales and customer service departments can recommend the best products for the veteran’s individual requirements.


FRS is the Only Single Source Supplier of AAC Devices for Veterans


With over twenty years in the industry, FRS Custom Solutions understands the full scope of veteran’s needs when it comes to providing the right AAC and environmental control products. Whether the set-up is in home or in a facility, the FRS professionals install the right devices for each veteran’s unique needs.


Contact us to learn more.   email:
Toll Free: 1-888-884-2190  

VA-Environmental Controls

Environmental Control Units from FRS Restore a Veteran’s Link with the Outside World!


Imagine a situation where a veteran with disabilities can control their own environment and communicate their needs and thoughts!


Environmental Control Units (ECUs) Work With AAC Devices


FRS has combined the power and versatility of their AAC devices with the functionality of an ECU. Together, they work seamlessly to allow the veteran to:


  • Communicate through voice output devices
  • Turn on and off electrical devices in their room
    • Lights
    • Fans
    • Television sets
    • CD players
  • Control their door operators
  • Access their call chimes
  • Use a wireless infrared phone
  • Search the Internet
  • Send and answer email messages
  • Explore social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


FRS has developed a multitude of technical configurations to meet the individual veteran’s needs and abilities. In cases where voice output is not required, FRS can provide a powerful standalone ECU system with all the same access methods and control capabilities.


FRS Provides a Variety of Communication Solutions


Regardless of the access method a veteran uses for communication, including eye tracking, FRS has a device that will accommodate their needs.  Our ComLink LT3G models include powerful Life-Links which enable the veteran to communicate using a suite of professionally developed page sets.  There are page sets for language, keyboard layouts, symbol-based communication, networking and social tools, even games.


The wearable SoundPOD AAC System uses an iPod or iPad to give the power of communication to those who can’t speak. The SoundPod can be worn on a neck lanyard, underneath clothing, allowing the voice output to discretely come from the veteran’s upper body rather than the handheld device.  This helps the listener to focus on the person rather than the handheld or mounted medical device.


ECUs Provide Accessibility Solutions


FRS offers a variety of accessories to assist with the use of our ECUs. Visit our Device Accessory page for complete descriptions of our accessibility solutions, like:                                                 

  • The Optical Head Mouse Kit
  • The Enable Eyes II™ Access Module                 
  • FRS IR Phone
  • The Head Pointer
  • Home Automation Modules

Our dedicated customer service representatives are on hand to answer your questions. Our highly skilled staff has over two decades of real-life, field experience and are available to make recommendations, assist with installation or help with trouble shooting your ECU.


Contact us to learn more.   email:
Toll Free: 1-888-884-2190


We Offer Full Service Installation for all ECU Systems and AAC Devices

From recommendation to real-life application, we work with veterans and their families to select the best AAC device to suite their needs. In addition, complete the installation and train them on how to use their units.


We Don’t Leave Until They Are Satisfied

Our highly skilled technicians will install ECU systems in the veteran’s home or in the facility where the veteran resides. We can install and configure eye tracking systems like our ComLink LT3G Enable EyesSystems can be fixated to a wheelchair or bed, and we can even manufacture custom brackets to mount the device in difficult environments.

We work one-on-one with veterans and their families, or the facility staff, providing training on the proper use of each AAC device. We don’t leave until our veteran is comfortable with their new device and has had their questions answered.


We Provide On-Going Support Through our Remote Help Desk                                                                     

Most of our AAC devices are equipped with our Remote Help Desk utility which allows our support staff to connect directly to the veterans device and troubleshoot problems if and when they arise. With the remote support functionality, our support technicians are able to log into the veterans device and quickly assess the situation and make modifications.


On-Going Tech Support

Having trouble with a unit? Unsure how to access some of the functions? Our remote support team is available to assist with the operations, troubleshooting and explanation of how to modify the content of each of the pages.


Training for Facility Staff and Speech Pathologists

We programs that provide onsite training by our Assistive Technology Specialists. Invite your staff or the veteran’s family members to attend this training.



Contact us to learn more.   email:
Toll Free: 1-888-884-2190

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