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New! iOS 7 brings unlimited Switch Control access to iPad based ProSlate AAC devices!

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New! iOS 7 Brings Unlimited Switch Control Access To iPad Based ProSlate™ AAC devices!

New! iOS 7 brings unlimited Switch Control access to iPad based ProSlate AAC devices!


FRS Custom Solutions™ is pleased to announce Apple's new iOS 7 update brings an unprecedented level of Switch Control to the iPad based ProSlate™ series of AAC devices. The new Switch Control features allow users to access the entire system using a variety of switches.


This means users now have access to not only their AAC app, but any app that runs on the iPad based ProSlate™. Until now, Switch Control was rather limited and switch users were either forced to use the “clunky” voice over feature, which wasn't designed for Switch Control, or they were restricted to only using AAC apps that were switch friendly. Users had freedom in accessing the features of their AAC app, but if they wanted to surf the web or check their email, they were limited.


With Switch Control now integrated into iOS, switch users can access the web, send and receive emails, use YouTube, iTunes, play games, watch movies, and much more. Literally, any app that runs on the iPad can now be controlled using switches. These new Switch Control features not only make the iPad based ProSlates™ the most capable AAC devices available, but more importantly, they provide a level of freedom to Switch Control users that has never before been possible.


SLP's and AT professionals have been waiting for Switch Control to be introduced onto iPads for years, and now that it is an integrated feature within iOS, the ProSlate™ series of AAC devices are the perfect solution for clients whose needs extend beyond their AAC app.


The ProSlates™ are the only dedicated speech generating devices utilizing the Apple iPad and iOS, as well as being approved by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance funding.


The new ProSlate™ series of AAC devices represent the most progressive innovations in the industry. FRS’s technological breakthroughs like the SoundPod™ voice output module, FlexABLE® Handle and Stand, and Magnetic Keyguards are just some of the reasons the ProSlate™ has become the device of choice throughout the country. Now with Switch Access incorporated directly into the operating system, the ProSlate™ is, without a doubt, the most capable AAC device available.  

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