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Life-Links logoscascading communication pages


A comprehensive suite of professionally developed and field proven communication pages

The FRS Life-links suite of communication packages offer solutions for individuals at all levels of language development from beginning language development to those with highly developed languageComLink LT Enable Eyes User skills.  From the powerful progressive language development offerings of Language-Links covering both pragmatic and semantically based approaches to the extremely comprehensive capabilities of our Symbol-Links and Text-Links packages, you will find the perfect fit in the FRS Life-Links Suite. Best of all, the entire suite of professionally developed and field proven page sets comes with every FRS ComLink communication device.





Just LOOK what the FRS Life-Links™ Suite has to offer...

FRS Language Links Logo
At it’s core Language-links is a progressive developmental language system uniquely structured to provide a content continuum from one level to the next. With page sets ranging from beginning language development through advance development, Language-Links is appropriate for persons of all ages from preschool to adults.

FRS Key-Links Logo
The Key-links page set package is an extensive assortment of on-screen keyboard layouts. The layouts range from very basic to powerful ones incorporating powerful features like adaptive word and phrase prediction, document editing and storage/retrieval capabilities, multiple message windows and much more.

Learning-links is the perfect compliment to the school age AAC user’s communication page set. Providing subject specific page sets including math, reading, testing, spelling and more.


FRS Symbol-Links Logo
The Symbol-Links communication package offers a wide range of symbol based page sets utilizing multi-level context categorization techniques. Symbol-Links offers button layout densities from 4 to 48 buttons.

FRS Net-Links Logo
The Net-links page set package includes pages with all the tools necessary to successfully navigate the internet and email programs through your communication device.

Social-Links Logo
Social-links is a communication package designed to allow AAC users to actively participate in the increasingly popular social media options like Facebook and Twitter.

Leisure-LInks Logo
Leisure-links are a collection of fun filled pages to help the AAC user kick back and have a little fun through games and activities.





FRS Text-Links Logo
The Text-links communication package is made up of an array of text based pages designed for those with reading or word recognition skills who prefer the use of text instead of symbols. It includes page sets utilizing word and phrase prediction strategies as well.

Enviro-Links Logo
The Enviro-links page set package is designed to be added to your chosen communication page set, allowing you to take full advantage of the extremely powerful Environmental Controls built into your FRS ComLink device. There are pre-programmed pages to allow you to control your TV, Stereo, DVD Player, FRS wireless infrared phone, door operators, lights, call chimes, plug in appliances and much more. All from your FRS ComLink device using the same access method you use to communicate.









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