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ComLink ST3G™

ST3G Tab 1 Overview

ComLink ST3G - Product Overview

Introducing a mid-sized, lightweight and portable device that is built to last...
Defined by innovations that have for years, set the ComLink family apart from other AAC devices, the ComLink ST3G features revolutionary advancements such as the Patented FlexABLE™ Handle and Stand, our Best-in-Class voice output system, integrated Environmental Control Unit (ECU), and the full ComLink Communication Suite™. With a Magnesium Alloy casing, Protective Rubber Bumpers, and a Solid State Drive, the system is tough enough to withstand the abuse that comes along with "real world"

Designed for purpose....
This fully integrated and ready-to-use system combines the latest technology into a product that is truly “designed for purpose” and targeted at meeting the assistive needs of the user. Capable of supporting multiple access methods such as eye tracking, switch scanning, handwriting and more, the ComLink ST3G offers an unparalleled level of freedom for users that need it most.

Versatile and scalable to accommodate any user... 
With the ComLink Communication Suite™, the system can be configured as a simple AAC device (having only a handful of vocabulary selections) or as a robust, powerful communication device that seamlessly integrates any access method with Windows™ applications (open systems).

With the ComLink ST3G, you can:

  • Use a variety of access methods or even add eye tracking (Enable Eyes II Access Module required)
  • Enjoy the performance and usability that only a completely integrated solution can offer
  • Experience a level of liberation that only our "designed-for-purpose" system can provide
  • Utilize a full Windows™ platform to support other software applications (open systems)
  • Embrace communication, with voice output, email, instant messaging and more
  • Control your environment, through home automation accessories and built in Environmental Controls
  • Rest assured, knowing that we are here to support you, each step of the way

ST3G Tab 2 Features

What Features Make the ComLink ST3G “Better By Design”?

ComLink Communication Suite™-Full Version

The ComLink Software Suite™ contains over 4,000 pre-programmed pages categorized by type and suited to meet the needs of augmented communicators of all ages and proficiency. The ComLink software allows for message formulation by letters, words, phrases, symbols and pictures. 

Designed for Accessibility

The ComLink is specifically designed to overcome access challenges. The device supports all forms of access including: touch screen (press, hold time-out), visual and auditory scanning (up to 8 switches), joysticks, sip & puff switches, optical head mouse, voice recognition, and eye tracking.

Product Tour

The intuitive easy-to-navigate Product Tour lets you take a “test drive” of the extensive array of pre-built page sets and ComLink ST3G capabilities at anytime.

FlexABLE™ Handle

The FlexABLE Handle is exceptionally easy to grip even for those with very limited hand dexterity. It provides a new level of independence for many users. 


FlexABLE Stand

The FlexABLE Stand™ allows you to optimize visibility and reduce screen glare induced by overhead lighting. Unlike competitive fixed-position designs, our system provides infinite adjustment for precise, glare-free positioning. Competitive designs using fixed prop legs create rigid obstructions that can be harmful for spastic users who unintentionally contact the device. Our revolutionary Flex-ABLE™ Stand eliminates this danger by allowing the device to deflect upon impact, making it a soft and safe, positioning solution.

Dual Amplified Speakers

We have engineered the Dual Amplified Speakers to provide exceptionally loud and clear voice output with a rich high quality tone that will not break up at high volume levels like many others do.

Integrated Environmental Control

With the ComLink's integrated environmental controls, users can turn their devices into a home automation control center that turns on and off lamps, sounds a chime, controls the television, CD players, and more!

Handwriting Recognition

For those who prefer to use their own hand writing to communicate, our powerful Handwriting Recognition feature and accompanying page integration, works seamlessly with word prediction for fast, effective speech output.


10.4” Super Sharp Touch Panel Display

The ComLink ST3G utilizes a Super Sharp 10.4” display that offers vivid colors and integrates a touch panel with optimal sensitivity.

Powerful Processor

The ComLink ST3G features an industrial grade 1.6 GHz Intel® Atom™ that is powerful enough to run intensive applications while efficient enough to keep those applications running for long term. 

Hot-Swap Battery System

The easy access Hot Swap Battery can be swapped out for additional runtime without having to turn-off the system. This unique design provides a fast and easy way to add extra battery runtime without adding unwanted weight and bulk to the light weight and portable ComLink ST3G.

FRS Remote Help Desk

The built-in FRS Remote Help Desk feature allows our skilled technical support team members to take control of your device remotely to solve technical issues, upload and download files or page sets or just show you how to perform a programming function right on your device. (The user must grant permission and provide the ID number to permit access to the Remote Help Desk feature.)

High Quality Acapela Voices

Each ComLink device ships standard with eight of the highest quality adult and child synthesized voices available today. Choose from Ryan, Heather, Jane, John, Laura, Nelly, Kenny, or Rosa.

Mounting Options

The ComLink can easily be mounted in a variety of different ways. Using the FRS 3-D Mount systems, the ComLink can be mounted to wheelchairs, tablet tops, and more.

Automatic user files backup system

The ComLink's Automatic User Files Backup system protects critical files from accidental deletion or changes. Best of all, it is performed automatically.

Industrialized Construction

The industrialized construction of the ST3G utilizes strong magnesium-aluminum case materials together with high impact ABS to provide exceptional durability and ruggedness.

Protective Rubber Bumper Guards

The integrated Protective Rubber "Bumper" Guards not only provide an ease to handle gripping surface, the Guards also work to absorb shock during  rough handling that occurs in "real world" environments. This helps protect the device from sustaining damage to the sides, corners, and internal components.

Dedicated Speech Generating Device (SGD)

The ComLink ULTRA is available asMedicare Approved Image

a Medicare approved,
Generating Device (SGD)

meeting the requirements of

HCPCS code E2510.


ST3G Tab 3 Specs


FRS ComLink ST3G Specifications

Physical Characteristics

8.5"H x 11.0"W x 2.2"D

Weight: 3.9 Lbs, 4.4 Lbs. with Hot Swap battery
Color: Black
LED Indicators:

Power (ON: blue, Standby: blue blinking)

Battery (Charging: blinks, Low: turns amber, Fully charged with DC connected: turns solid blue)

Wireless Networking (Active: blue)

Controls and Buttons:

Easy access On/Off Switch

7 front buttons

1 menu bar buttons ( toggles the menu bar in the communications software)

Hardware Specifications

 Display: 10.4" Super Sharp Display 1024 x 768 Resolution
 Processor Options:

Intel® Atom™ Z530, 1.6GHz.- Best Overall Performance

 Memory: 1 GB of RAM Memory
 Storage: 32 GB Solid State Drive
 Battery: Internal Battery 

Lithium Ion  2200 mAh @ 7.4 V

External Battery

Lithium Ion  3900 mAh @ 7.2 V

 Stylus: Yes, non-electronic tip
 Wi-Fi: Integrated Wireless LAN supports 802.11a/b/g/n
 Bluetooth: Integrated Bluetooth 2.0
 Environmental Control: Integrated environmental control unit with preloaded pages
 I/O Ports:

(3) USB Ports

(1) Auditory Prompt Speaker Port

(1) 3.5 mm Head Phone Jack

(1) 3.5 mm Microphone Jack

(1) DC Power Jack

(2) Scanning Ports (Optional-must be requested at time of     purchase), with optional wireless connectivity

Pre-loaded Software

 Communication Software:

The Grid 2 (Included)

Tobii Communicator (Optional)

 Symbol Sets:

Symbol Stix (Included)

Widget (Included)

PCS (Optional)

 Synthesized Voices:

8 Different AcapelaTM Voices (Ryan, Heather, Jane, John, Laura, Nelly, Kenny, and Rosa)

 FRS ComLink Communication Suite:

Standard- Over 4,000 pre-programmed

communication pages

 FRS Remote Help DeskTM: Integrated - Single press access
 Operating System: Windows XP Professional
 Video Tutorials: Integrated (available from welcome page)
Included in the Box

 Standard Accessories:

USB Keyboard

USB Wireless Mouse

Communication Software CD's (2 additional activations)

AC Wall Adapter

Quick Start Guide


1 Year Limited Warranty (Device), Parts & Labor

30 Day Limited  Warranty (Accessories)


ST3G Tab 4 Downloads

ComLink ST3G Resources


Download this product information sheet for a list of features and specifications related to the device.

Quick Start Guide
Download this Quick Start Guide to access general reference information related to the device and software.


PDF ImageThe Grid 2 Reference Manual
Click above to get a full PDF version of The Grid 2 reference manual.


PDF Icon
The Grid 2 Training Cards

Click above to get a PDF version of The Grid 2 Training Cards.

Get up and going fast with the FRS Video Tutorials. Learn how to program sound, text, pictures and more!
Software Downloads:
The Grid 2 LogoComLink Software Download (The Grid 2)
Click the link above to download a free 60 day trial version of the ComLink software! This trial version includes a limited selection of FRS grid pages and the High Quality Acapela™ voice of Ryan!

ST3G Tab 5 Accessories

Power Accessories

Hot Swap Batteries

Hot Swap Batteries are easy to access and allow extra battery runtime on the ComLink device. Unlike traditional solutions such as over-sized batteries, Hot Swap Batteries don’t add extra bulk or weight to the system itself. Best of all, these batteries can be swapped out while the device is still running so you don't have to shut down your system, nor worry about losing any in-progress work during a battery change-out.



Single-Bay, Hot Swap Battery Charger

This single-bay battery charger allows you to charge an additional Hot Swap Battery externally, rather than charging the battery on the device itself. This is charger is recommended whenever additional Hot Swap Batteries are purchased as it allows you to charge the ComLink Device and the additional battery separately.


6-Bay, Multiple Battery Charger

This 6-Bay Multiple Battery Charger is the perfect solution for situations where charging multiple batteries at once is needed. Maybe you have additional batteries for a single device, or just want a single solution to charge batteries on multiple devices. In either case, this 6 Bay Multiple Battery Charger is the perfect solution.




Accessibility Solutions


Keyguards are a great solution for users who have trouble making finger-touch selections to their ComLink. For example, if a user gets fatigued and has difficulty holding their palms off of the screen when making selections, they can use a keyguard as a platform to rest their hands on and then make selections (only to the desired targets) using the keyguard's cut-out regions. Our premium keyguards are constructed from high strength acrylic and all edges are rounded and are soft-to-touch. In addition, they mount easily and securely using rubber straps and pin locators that make sure they always maintain perfect alignment.



Switches allow a user to access their device through the scanning mode in the software. Our communication software can scan both user defined or preset groups of cells. If the user's selection is in the desired group, the user then presses the scanning switch, and the selection is made. We offer a wide variety of switches in various shapes, sizes, and colors. In addition, our software can support multiple switches and joysticks as well. Switches can be positioned merely anywhere, using one of our switch mounting solutions.


Head Pointer

The Head Pointer provides accessibly for a wide range of applications. For example, the Head Pointer allows users to access their ComLink device by making selections to the touch screen via that Head Pointing Stick. In addition, users can access personal computers, appliances, light controls, elevator buttons, and more. The Head Pointer is light weight (approximately 7.5 ounces) and features a durable plastic frame lined with high density foam padding. The adjustable neck strap and head band accommodate users of all ages and assure a comfortable and custom fit. The Head Pointer comes standard with an 18" straight rod however; custom formed and alternate rod lengths are available as well.


Optical Head Mouse Kit

The Optical Head Mouse Kit is a fast way for users to access their device whenever finger touch access is not an option. A small reflective dot is placed somewhere on the user's head and the Optical Head Mouse tracks the dot and transforms any movement that it sees, into mouse cursor movement. Essentially, head movement is used to drive the mouse cursor. Selections or "mouse clicks" are made by simply holding the cursor on the desired target. In addition, our software offers the capability to make other mouse simulations such as left double-click, right clicks, etc. Finally, using the FlexABLE™ mount (included in kit), the head mouse can be tilted infinitely within its range of adjustment. This gives the user far more positioning flexibility than conventional fixed or integrated solutions.


Enable Eyes II™ Access Module

The Enable Eyes II™ Access Module is a state-of-the-art eye tracking device that can easily be added to the ComLink ST3G or ComLink LT3G at any time. The ability to add eye tracking to a ComLink is paramount to meeting the needs of progressive disorders such as ALS. For example, if a user can currently use finger touch as their access method but may someday require eye tracking, you can purchase a portable device now and add the Enable Eyes II™ Access Module if and when it is needed.


Mounting Solutions

3-D Fixed Position Wheelchair Mount                       VideoAssembly Instructions

The FRS 3-D Fixed Position Wheelchair Mount provides a great solution for mounting a ComLink communication device to a wheelchair or scooter. The mount system is very flexible and is available with a variety of frame clamps to allow attachment to just about any imaginable configuration. The ComLink attaches to the mount by sliding the ComLink's Mount Plate into the Device Adapter located on the top of the mount. The ComLink can be easily removed using the Device Adapter which provides a positive lock when mounted.

The Fixed Position Mount allows for 3 positions (in use, exiting, and parked). In addition, for easy transport, the assembly can then be lifted off of the wheelchair for transporting in an automobile.


3-D Swing-Away Wheelchair Mount                           VideoAssembly Instructions

The FRS 3-D Swing-Away Wheelchair Mount provides a great solution for mounting a ComLink communication device to a wheelchair or scooter. The mount system is very flexible and is available with a variety of frame clamps to allow attachment to just about any imaginable configuration. The ComLink attaches to the mount by sliding the ComLink's Mount Plate into the Device Adapter located on the top of the mount. The ComLink can be easily removed using the Device Adapter which provides a positive lock when mounted.

The Swing-Away Mechanism allows the mount to rotate out of the way when the user needs to enter or exit the wheelchair. In addition, for easy transport, the assembly can then be lifted off of the wheelchair for transporting in an automobile.


3-D Folding Wheelchair Mount                                   

The FRS 3-D Folding Wheelchair Mount provides a great solution for mounting a ComLink communication device to a wheelchair or scooter. The mount system is very flexible and is available with a variety of frame clamps to allow attachment to just about any imaginable configuration. The ComLink attaches to the mount by sliding the ComLink's Mount Plate into the Device Adapter located on the top of the mount. The ComLink can be easily removed using the Device Adapter which provides a positive lock when mounted.

The fold down mechanism allows the mount to fold out of the way when the user needs to enter exit the wheelchair. In addition, for easy transport, after folding the upper tubes, the folded assembly can then be lifted off of the wheelchair for transporting in an automobile.


X-Base Table Top Mount                                           Video | Assembly Instructions

The X-Base Table Top Mount is a great way to mount your device on a table top. Each leg of the X-base is easily adjustable to accommodate for uneven surfaces by simply loosening the center knob. The device attachment can provide 360 degree rotation and tilt control as well. This base works great with our Enable Eyes™ systems as it is provides vertical adjustments as well.



Clamp-On Table Top Mount                                                    Assembly Instructions

The Clamp-On Table Top Mount is a great solution for when you need to attach a device securely to a table top surface. The system is lightweight and can easily be taken from class to class in settings such as a school environment. The system works best with hand held ComLink devices.





Overbed Table Mount

The Overbed Table Mount provides a great solution for positioning devices so that it can be from a bed, wheelchair, or GERI chair. The mount can be easily adjusted vertically by depressing a small hand actuator and allowing the spring assisted mechanism to lift the entire table surface to the desired location. The ComLink attaches to the table using a u-tube that is sized with a diameter identical to our other mount systems (so you can interchange components if need be). The u-tube can provide both vertical and forward or backward adjustment. In addition, we also offer an extended u-tube that allows the device to be positioned just beyond the front of the table which is great for users laying in the near flat position.



Rolling Floor Mount                                                    Video | Assembly Instructions

The Rolling Floor Mount is a great solution for positioning ComLink Enable Eyes™ systems. This mount is extremely versatile and uses ratcheting hand knobs for adjustment of the joints. It features four rubberized casters that are lockable so you can maintain a position without having the unit move in an unwanted direction. For vertical adjustment, it features a telescoping gas-assist column that allows positioning anywhere from 1.5 ft to 6.5 ft while maintaining a safety and stability. The Floor Stand works great for Enable Eyes™ Systems that need to be positioned high for users who are laying on an elevated bed. In addition the Floor Mount features a base wide enough to straddle most chairs for those using a wheelchair or recliner.



Environment Control Accessories

FRS IR Phone

The FRS IR Phone can be used with existing land lines as a speaker phone to send and receive phone calls using the ComLink device. The IR Phone communicates wirelessly with the ComLink, which has pre-built pages to control the IR phone. The pages are fully programmed but can be customized to send speed dials right from the device. In addition, the ComLink can be programmed to perform multiple tasks from a single cell. For example, answer the phone and read recorded messages such as "hello, I am using a communication device, please bear with me". Because the ComLink is designed for accessibility, people using scanning, eye tracking, or optical head mice, can now make and receive telephone calls using the IR and voice output capabilities of the ComLink.


Home Automation Modules

ComLink devices configured with Environment Control Units (ECU) can communicate with our home automation modules to control items in the user's home. For example, appliance modules can be used to turn on or off fans or other appliances. Lamp modules can not only control the on and off functionality of a lamp but also provide dimming controls. In addition, more involved implementations are also available such as automatic door openers and more. All of these devices can be controlled by the ComLink regardless of what the user's access method is. The ComLink not only includes all of the required pre-programmed pages, our devices are also pre-loaded with the necessary IR signals to communicate with the modules.


Miscellaneous Accessories

Extended Warranty

Need extra warranty? We offer both limited warranties and all-inclusive warranties for our ComLink devices. Please contact us for more details.





Wireless Mouse

Our wireless mouse can be used as an access device for speech output and is also a handy accessory to have when programming your ComLink. The mouse uses a small USB powered radio transmitter that plugs into one of the ComLink's USB ports and then communicates wirelessly with the mouse. The wireless communication totally eliminates cords that get tangled or are just in the way.



Our keyboard perfectly sized for our ComLink devices. It is small enough to be portable but large enough to be productive. For typists, the keyboard can be used to enter text which is then converted to speech output. In addition the keyboard is a great tool to use when programming a device as well. The keyboard plugs into one of the ComLink's USB ports.



Soft Carry Case

Our soft carry cases provide a level of protection for a ComLink. The cases help to minimize scratching and scuffing that occurs during transport. In addition, the cases have both internal and external compartments for storage of accessories such as the wireless mouse, keyboard, charger, and more. The Soft Carry Case features a shoulder strap and handle to make your device easy to transport.



Webcam Kit

The Webcam Kit features a USB plug and play camera and the FRS FlexABLE™ mounting system. The camera can be faced toward the user (as pictured) for performing video conference calls with applications such as Skype™. It can also be facing forward to take pictures that can be later used with communication pages, cells, or picture viewers. The FlexABLE™ mount provides ample positioning flexibility and allows you to adjust the camera orientation without repositioning the device.



ST3G Tab 6 Images

FRS ComLink ST3G Front View FRS ComLink ST3G Side View FRS ComLink ST3G Front View
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