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Solutions For:


Cerebral Palsy (CP)



•    Fight loneliness

•    Reduce discomfort

•    Curb anxiety

•    Encourage social interaction

•    Increase independence

•    Reduce caregiver burden

•    Instill confidence

•    Bridge academic participation

•    Self preservation through communication



Summary - Limited motor control leaves a person with CP unable to do many physical tasks. Usually born with normal or near normal cognitive function but may present as lower functioning for age due to missed milestone and educational deficits caused by severe physical limitations.


Needs   Not to be underestimated. Needs speech device and software that can help them sound as intelligent as they really are. Strong desire to be like peers, capable, cool, and social. Needs access to phone, computer, email, texting, environmental controls, TV, music and academics. Important solutions for the classroom would be writing support, communication, ability to answer questions, test taking and reading.  




Software Qualifications

•    Customizable software to meet individual needs
•    Universal software that is well know and familiar to teachers and providers all over the world
•    Ability to support multiple languages
•    Easy to use and implement
•    Preprogrammed content to make getting started easy
•    Seamless integration of computer application on open devices such as word processing, email, education software, etc…
•    Seamless integration of environmental controls.

Equipment Qualifications

•    Durable casing

•    Rugged commercial grade tablet PC

•    All day battery

•    Large enough screen to be easily read but not eclipse the person using it

•    Full windows platform to support secondary software on an open devices

•    Ability to perform normal task such as email, word processing, etc… on open devices

•    Ability to lock out computer functions and make the device a dedicated solution for communication only

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